Hello, my name is Filipe Laíns and I am an open source developer from Portugal.

I enjoy designing clean and correct solutions to software problems and I am interested in hardware design, analysis and reverse engineering, however I don't have any formal education in electrical engineering.

There are several languages I am proficient at but the main are C and Python.

Over the years, I've contributed to several open source projects and eventually gained maintainership of some of them. In addition to this, I have also authored a few popular projects.

You can find the full list on my Github Profile, but here are some of the most relevant projects I maintain:

Arch Linux
A popular Linux distribution, where I am a packager. You can find a list of the package I maintain on the package search page.
A DBus daemon to configure input peripherals.
A Python package builder which implements PEP 517. The project is currently under the umbrella of the Python Packaging Authority.
A project that provides open source firmware, open hardware, and a open protocol, for input devices (eg. mice, keyboards, etc.).

And some of the most relevant projects I have contributed to:

Linux is one of the most popular operating system kernels. I have contributed, and actively review patches, to several device drivers in the USB HID subsystem.
Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. I have contributed the initial USB HID report parser code.
The reference implementation of the Python programming language. I am currently a member of the Python triage team and have contributed many miscelaneous fixes and improvements.
Meson is a very popular build system. I worked on support for the D language and improving introspection metadata.

If you want to find out more about my work, and what I've been up to lately, please check my Github profile.

In case you want to support my work, I have a Github sponsors page.